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Growing up in an era when school wood lathes were only used as sanding stations I still vividly remember the fist time I saw woodturning demonstrated. I studied Creative Design at Loughborough University where I began to develop an understanding of form. For over 30 years, working life has been spent in various manufacturing companies as a product designer/ design manager designing everything from guitar amplifiers through bespoke furniture to fire engine ladders. Twenty years ago I was given the opportunity to take an evening class in woodturning and was immediately hooked. Fortunately this was at a time when many of the great craftsmen such as Alan Batty, Bill Jones, Keith Rowley and Phil Reardon were still demonstrating regularly and I learned by reproducing the pieces I had seen made. Twenty years on, my work has developed to include other materials including resins, metals, paints pyrography and carving.


Just over ten years ago I returned to the East Midlands from my Yorkshire homeland and have become an AWGB approved tutor and more recently  a tutor assessor, as well as producing my own creations from my workshop in the national forest.

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